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Two Amazing Glamping Experiences in Mongolia and Thailand

One of the great things about camping as a holiday choice is that you can go anywhere you like, at least in theory. Camping can be an amazingly cost effective way to travel around the world if that’s what you wanted to do; all you need is a tent and a way to get to where you want to go. Camping also gives you a good reason to explore larger parts of the world and see much more than you would if you simply stayed in a hotel. For example, Asia is the largest continent in the world with a lot to offer to travelers, and camping in Asia can be an extremely worthwhile experience. First, though, you need to figure out what kind of experience it is you’re looking for and where exactly you want to go. As mentioned before, Asia is a massive continent so you’re not exactly going to be able to see everything you want. There are a lot of great places you can visit, so you won’t be spoiled for choice, but picking exactly where to go can be difficult.


Tour operators in Mongolia have recently been developing on the Glamping (Glamorous Camping) market for travelers. Take the Jalman Meadows in the Khan Khentii, this is a luxury camp located in a protected wilderness, where campers can sleep in proper beds and wash themselves in filtered river water. Here, campers can enjoy stunning vitas and the wild beauty that Asia has to offer without compromising on their own comfort, a very appealing prospect when you think about it. If you’re the kind of person that wants to enjoy the complete experience and see the sights of Asia but isn’t particularly keen on camping, going somewhere like the Jalman Meadows would be a good place to start. In fact, Asia has quite a few prime Glamping locations for those who aren’t so fond of roughing it in the great outdoors.

Thailand, meanwhile, is very popular amongst campers because of the range of locations on offer; you can set up on the beach, forest, or even the jungle if you want. The National Parks are away from the major cities and would be good for someone looking for an experience that’s a little more solitary and private. For something more secure, why not check out the Hintok River Camp, which is located at Hellfire Pass on the River Kwai? This is another luxury experience featuring air conditioned tents and ensuite bathrooms, but you can also enjoy natural spring pools, hike, go biking or even ride an Elephant! Thailand is a popular place with tourists for a reason, but a place like Hintok River Camp offers an entirely new and unique experience for campers.


Asia is so vast that it’s impossible to cover it all; the two locations discussed here is only beginning to scratch the surface. Just know that there’s a whole world to be found in this one continent alone, and that camping is one the best ways to see the wonderful sights on offer.


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