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Travel in Delhi: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

If you are planning a gap year trip, one of the stops inevitably ends up being Asia. In fact, many of the stops end up being in Asia. On your way to the far east, you might decide on a pit stop in India. There is no place like it in the world, so it probably needs to be seen, right? There is plenty to see and do in the capital of New Delhi, so if you want to make it a short trip, it makes sense to make this bustling city the main destination. But what is there to do and how do you get around? Here are some advice and tips on planning your travel around the city.



Like in pretty much every city, there are plenty of local taxis to take you from one place to another. The taxis in Delhi are recognisable as they tend to be black and yellow in colour. A lot of them have meters, but the chances are your driver won’t be using it. The best thing to do if you want to use a taxi is to agree a price before you get in the car. Prices are, of course, hiked up for tourists, so make sure that you haggle down the price. Some taxis are overseen by local police and they will have set fares for things, so just check it all out before you get it. Be clear on where you want to go too! Also a good thing to note is that naturally, the prices will be higher at night after about 11pm until the morning. This is just something to bear in mind.


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The metro is pretty fast and rather efficient in the city, so it might be the best option for many. Plus, hello air conditioning! Like in London during rush hour, the tube can be rather busy. The same goes for the metro in Delhi. If you are travelling with luggage around that time, it will be quite tricky, so try and plan your trip accordingly. The metro stations are quite frequent and well placed around the city. As a tourist, though, you might not know which stop is for what attraction, so again, plan where you want to go in advance. If you can search online for the stops, then you won’t have to panic on the day. If you wanted to go to the Humayun Tomb, for example, just look up ‘Humayun Tomb nearest metro station’. One other note about the metro is that it does not run after 11pm, so if you plan to be out late, you’ll have to make other arrangements.

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Bicycle Taxis


As with a car taxi, it is a good idea to negotiate a price before you set off. They will obviously be a little slower than a car, but will no doubt be cheaper. There are some areas of the city that the taxi bikes (or Cycle-Rickshaws) are banned, so you might not be able to complete a whole journey, depending on where you want to go to.


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