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Want To Write For Luxury Asia News?

Criteria for posting on Luxury Asia News:

  • The content of the article must be informative, luxury oriented, relevant to Asia in general, specifically, any article about luxury living, investment, hotels, resorts, activities news and events, is extremely welcomed.
  • The article must be unique and written only for Luxury Asia News, rather than a copy from other sites.
  • The site linked to must be respectable sites and blogs, no gambling, porn, spam, link farms or weapons.
  • The article should be above 300 words (unless it is infographics).

Benefits of posting on Luxury Asia News:

  • As a thank you, we offer two links back to your site in the post or in the author bio, which will increase the exposure and traffic of your site;
  • The links offered are do-follow, which means the link will be better recognized by search engines;
  • The site will increase in the rank over the coming months due to extensive SEO work being done.

How to post an article

To submit an article to Luxury Asia News simply email us at hello [at] luxury-asia-news [dot] com

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