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Luxury News Team

Luxury News is a team of writers who love luxury travel. From exciting new hotels to unknown hideaways, the Luxury News Team write for the family of Luxury News sites that include Asia, America, Arabia, Africa, Europe and the Caribbean.

  • Japan
    Clash of the Capitals: Seoul vs Tokyo

    Both Tokyo and Seoul are cities where the ancient world meets the modern era, concrete meets greenery and neon lights collide...

    Luxury News TeamDecember 15, 2017
  • The Philippines
    10 Reasons to Love the Philippines

    Nestled amid some of South-east Asia’s best loved destinations, the Philippines often is overlooked as a destination for the luxury traveller....

    Luxury News TeamApril 28, 2017
  • Hong Kong
    24 Hours in Hong Kong

    Although Hong Kong boasts everything required for an on-point holiday in the sunshine, from beautiful beaches to fine dining, the city...

    Luxury News TeamApril 13, 2017
  • Hong Kong
    Asia’s Most Iconic Lighting

    Asia is well known the world over for its glitzy skylines and somewhat extravagant use of neon lights in advertising. Although...

    Luxury News TeamMarch 29, 2017
  • Korea
    A Beginner’s Guide to Korean Cuisine

    With the likes of Japan and China in close quarters, it’s easy to understand why Korean cuisine has the tendency to...

    Luxury News TeamJanuary 23, 2017
  • Singapore
    Singaphwoar: The Little Things That Will Perfect Your Big Trip To The Lion City

    When it comes to travel bucket lists, Singapore is a destination that appears on most. If you’re lucky enough to book...

    Luxury News TeamOctober 18, 2016
  • India
    Travel in Delhi: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

    If you are planning a gap year trip, one of the stops inevitably ends up being Asia. In fact, many of...

    Luxury News TeamOctober 12, 2016
  • Malaysia
    Adventure Time in Malaysia

    Malaysia is often the odd one out when it comes to attracting tourists to Southeast Asia, but it’s a wonderful place...

    Luxury News TeamSeptember 16, 2016
  • Bali
    A Family Trip to Bali

    Here are ten ways to help you and your family enjoy the very best of Bali in style. Rarely does an...

    Luxury News TeamMay 10, 2016
  • General
    Malaysia: Borneo VS The Peninsula

    If you’re heading out to Malaysia and you can’t decide between Borneo and the peninsula, you’re not alone. A debate that’s...

    Luxury News TeamFebruary 16, 2016