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A Family Trip to Bali

Here are ten ways to help you and your family enjoy the very best of Bali in style.

Rarely does an island cater to such a vast array of holiday goers so effortlessly, yet Bali finds itself positioned as a haven for backpackers on a budget, a romantic escape for couples, a luxurious retreat for globe trotters and a holiday hotspot for families.

Eat everything that comes wrapped in a banana leaf. Seriously, it’s good. Bebek Betutu (roast duck in banana leaves) is a firm favourite, as well as Pepes Ikan (fish in banana leaves). Fresh, fragrant and mouth-wateringly flavoursome, we promise the whole family will find a banana leaf-wrapped meal to fall in love with!

Pepes Ikan | Bali | Food | Luxury Asia News

Image Source: Flickr

Do dive or snorkel the Tulameben World War II shipwreck. This is Bali’s most famous dive site due to the abundance of colourful marine life and the ease of which it can be accessed. Whether you’re an experienced diver or an intrigued snorkeller looking to get the tips of your toes wet, the wreck can be explored by simply wading into the Lombok Straight from the beach thanks to the angle at which the wreck sits.

Try hiking to the summit of Mount Batur. If you’re feeling active, this is the ultimate hike with an unsurpassable reward at the peak. The summit provides sweeping views of the island as well as Lake Batur below and on a clear day you might even see Mount Rinjani on neighbouring Lombok island. Hike at sunrise for a truly spectacular experience.

Mount Batur | Luxury Asia News

Image Source: Gilbert Parker

Relax in one of Bali’s many enchanting spas. With a serene backdrop of moss-clad jungle and indigenous wildlife to enjoy, spas set in the heart of Ubud are hard to beat. Ignite all the senses with a traditional Balinese massage treatment whilst the kids splash in the pool.

Balinese Massage | Bali | Luxury Asia News

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Indulge in a private island hopping tour. The Gilli Islands lie directly across the water from Bali, playing host to white sand beaches, secluded coves and coconut plantations. If you’re looking to escape from the bustle of Kuta for a moment of peace and quiet away from it all, the Gilli Islands await.

Travel in style with a private driver. Getting around the island using buses, taxis and bikes is easy to do on a budget, but for a few dollars more we recommend you do it in comfort. An air conditioned car amid the humid summer heat is a much-needed necessity and being picked up/dropped off just steps away from temples, ruins and beaches is a real luxury when the kids are tired at the end of the day.

Stay at The Beach house, The Legian Bali. This is your very own private paradise equipped with every luxury you can think of for a stay of complete relaxation, and it’s big enough for the whole family. Enjoy your very own 16 metre infinity pool overlooking the stunning reach of Seminyak Beach, three expansive bedrooms, each with a unique identity and an extensive terrace surrounded by lush tropical jungle. Guests can enjoy exclusive benefits such as a private chauffeur, personal butler service and use of the health club, yoga studio and bicycles. LHM Hotels have set a new standard for luxury hotels in Bali and for that we congratulate them!

LEG-Rooms-The Beach House-Pool-Day_v-1 copy

Image Source: The Legian Bali

Watch the sun go down at least once. Grab the beach towels and take up residence on Kuta Beach to enjoy the burning colours of the sky disappear behind the blue of the sea. Take a stroll west along the beach and take a front row seat to the planes coming in to land at Denpasar Airport. The kids will love getting so up close and personal with those big birds in the sky.

Sunset in Bali |Luxury Asia News

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Learn how to cook Balinese style. Balinese cookery courses are a popular activity amongst families and groups as it’s a fun and incredibly hands-on way to learn more about the warm-hearted Balinese people and their culture, as well a few nifty take-home recipes. The kids will love getting their hands dirty and the trip to the market in the morning to pick up everything you’ll need to cook will allow you to try local fare like durian amid the buzz of the local market. If you’re inspired by classics like beef rendang and satay, you can pick up the ingredients needed to do it all again back home in your very own kitchen.

Explore the local area and culture. There are many ways to immerse yourself in Balinese culture and to learn more, but for families we recommend joining a bike tour around the Ubud region. Your guided tour through this culture-rich neighbourhood is the perfect balance of fun and informative. Step into the traditional home of a Balinese family and explore the rice paddy fields as you go. The best part is, it’s all downhill!

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