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5 Luxury Hotels Coming Soon

With the LAN crystal ball in hand (and a little help from the internet), we took a trip into the future to discover what’s on the horizon for luxury hotels. If you thought the world of 5* luxury had hit its peak, then you were wrong. With new architectural trends coming into fruition, alongside new and exciting locations that are being tapped into as we speak, the future is a fascinating one. Here’s a small sample of the most exciting luxury dwellings that we can look forward to staying in over the next few years.

The Royal Atlantis Resort, Dubai

The name ‘Atlantis’ is derived from Greek mythology, meaning a utopian society, a pinnacle of grace and grandeur. To some the resort may look like a game of jenga that’s got horribly out of hand, but to most it can only be described as an architectural triumph that captures its etymological roots entirely. The resort’s location is nothing short of phenomenal. The intelligent design of the resort allows each room to enjoy sweeping views of the sea and the stunning palm-tree clad coastline. Tastefully decorated with bright colours and swamped with natural light, the rooms cry relaxation with a capital ‘r’. The 90-metre-high skyline infinity pool provides the ideal spot to enjoy Dubai’s year-long sunny climate as well as the resort’s exquisite service. A cocktail or two from a view like this will keep you coming back to enjoy the sunset evening after evening. The Royal Atlantis Resort is certain to become iconic worldwide, so make sure you’re one of the first to enjoy the five-star experience.


Aiana Munnar- A Moonriver Resort

2016 sees Aiana Hotels and Resorts venturing into the world of luxury hospitality and it looks like they mean business. Aiana Munnar, a Moonriver resort, takes the luxury lifestyle to new heights- 4000ft aloft to be precise. The resort overlooks the verdant Munnar landscape, formed of thick vegetation, striking flora and rolling hills. The resort benefits from Aiana’s signature style of Indian-inspired hospitality, where guests can immerse themselves completely in the surroundings. Both the spa and dining experience are as authentic as they come, with locally grown spices featuring in the restaurant’s gourmet cuisine, as well as the traditional Indian medicine of Ayurveda being reinvented and refreshed to offer guests a feeling of complete rejuvenation. This is an all-suite resort made up of only 36 rooms, with all benefiting from a private plunge pool in which to enjoy the tranquil surroundings. The suites’ interiors hold a strong affinity with nature yet still embrace the commodities of modern technology- this is one for the intrepid explorer looking to enjoy authentic, local experiences. If somebody tells you to “run to the hills”, then this exclusive hideaway is exactly where you should go.


Shanghai Songjian Intercontinental  

One of the lesser convenient, more unlikely and completely imaginable locations for a hotel is a quarry, but over in China, they’ve only gone and done it. Songjiang is located just 35km from Shanghai city. A location completely immersed in natural beauty and spectacular scenery, it’s quickly becoming a hot-spot for tourists looking for a break from the city. 383 rooms nestle amongst the jagged rocks that seamlessly blend into the landscape, surrounded by cascading waterfalls and pools. The 90 metre-deep, disused quarry acts as a superb location for water sports, bungee jumping and rock climbing, meaning there’s plenty to enjoy in addition to the 5-star experience. And if all of that wasn’t exciting enough, then you might want to sit down before we tell you the next part. Restaurants, guest rooms, conference rooms and an aquarium are all being constructed underwater as we speak. Yes, you read that correctly. Whilst the resort’s green roof is certainly eye-catching; the centrepiece of the resort is of course the waterfall that flows through the heart of the hotel, encased in glass. Songjian Intercontinental looks to be sustainable and considerate of the natural surroundings- this 5* hotel is as green as it gets.


Dawang Mountain Resort, Changsha

Your eyes do not deceive you, this is in fact yet another disused quarry, turned luxury resort. From a water park to an indoor ski slope, the sprawling 150,000 Dawang Mountain Resort houses literally everything you can think of (within reason). The resort’s structure is curvaceous and futuristic, boasting 270 exceptionally luxurious rooms that enjoy views of the natural landscape and the 200 ft. waterfall that launches into the quarry below. With islands, cliff-side pathways and hanging gardens all to explore, as well as outdoor swimming pools to delight in, this mountainside retreat is one to add to the list of future destinations. Is this the future of architectural design?


Leela Hotel and Resort, Bhartiya City

Leela Hotels are famed for their pioneering brand of Indian hospitality and so far, all eight of their 5* luxury hotel and business offerings have more than delivered on the promise of ‘atithi devo bhava’, (the guest is God). Their latest venture sees India’s vast landscape, culture and history celebrated in style within India’s first smart city; Bhartiya City. The city itself looks to raise the bar for the standard of living in Bengaluru through gifting citizens with the latest technology, smart homes, green spaces, seamless infrastructure and increased sustainability- all of which are missing in India right now. In a smart city with so much to give, it seemed fitting that Indian hospitality veterans Leela would make their mark here through the delivery of a luxury hotel, alongside the first Leela Residences. The 256-room hotel will overlook the grandeur of Bhartiya City’s seven-acre Central Park and enjoy access to everything the city has to offer. In keeping with the city’s revolutionary approach to design, the rooms are contemporary, sleek and benefit from the latest technology. The best of cities like Amsterdam, Singapore, London and Paris has arrived under one sky, making the Leela in Bhartiya City a must-stay location.


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